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Display Racks for Suzanne Tate's Books

5 1/2 ft. H x 18 in. W

Cost: $75.00
comes with 15 books
to offset the cost of the rack

Minimum order of 120 Suzanne Tate's Books

Our free-standing coated wire spinner rack has 32 pockets.
It holds up to 12 copies each of Suzanne Tate's Nature Series titles
PLUS the four top pockets hold multiple copies of our activity,
coloring and sticker books.
This means you can put the entire Suzanne Tate's Nature Series
face out, within easy reach of your customers.
Good display increases multiple and repeat sales!


10 1/2" H x 10 '' W x 9" Deep

With 4 tiers
Holds 15 books in each tier
Cost: $24.00 
Comes with 5 free books to offset cost

Minimum order of 36 Suzanne Tate's books

Heavy Duty White Plastic
Can be used for counter display
or drilled and used for wall display