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Interest level: Pre-school through 4th grade
Reading level: 2nd - 3rd grade

#1. Crabby & Nabby
A Tale of Two Blue Crabs
All about blue crabs and their life cycle from the viewpoint of two colorful, crabby characters! This book teaches children about caring for one another.

#2. Billy Bluefish
A Tale of Big Blues

A tale about the trials, and lessons learned of a young bluefish who finds that it doesn't pay to be a bully!

#3. Flossie Flounder

A Tale of Flat Fish
A tale developed around the interesting fact that a baby flounder looks different from its parents. The book promotes self-esteem.

#4. Spunky Spot
A Tale of One Smart Fish
A young fish learns from his teacher to "just say no" to worms so he won't get hooked! This book has approval of Just Say No International.

#5. Pearlie Oyster
A Tale of an Amazing Oyster
A story about the amazing life of an oyster and how a pearl is formed. Children learn that someting good can come out of a negative experience.

#6. Lucky Lookdown
A Tale of a Funny Fish
Charming tale of a little lookdown fish living at a science center. Book is sponsored by Virginia Marine Science Museum and teaches self-esteem.

#7. Mary Manatee
A Tale of Sea Cows
A tender story about a mother manatee and her calf. Children learn why it is important to obey their parents. Book is sponsored by the Pier Aquarium, St. Petersburg, FL.

#8. Sammy Shrimp
A Tale of a little Shrimp
Exciting tale of a little shrimp and his big sister. This book presents facts about shrimp in simple and entertaining format.

#9. Crabby's Water Wish
A Tale of Saving Sea Life
Clean Water Charlie teaches children how they can help improve water quality. Book is sponsored by NC Assoc. Soil & Water Conservation Districts.

#10. Harry Horseshoe Crab
A Tale of Crawly Creatures
Interesting facts about the habits of horseshoe crabs and how they save human lives everyday. This book is sponsored by "Ding" Darling Wildlife Society, Sanibel, FL.

#11. Tammy Turtle
A Tale of Saving Sea Turtles
A book full of facts about loggerhead turtles that tells how they survive with the help of protection programs. This book is sponsored by Coastal Wildlife Refuge Society, Manteo, NC.

#12. Salty Seagull
A Tale of an Old Salt
A tale of an old bird whose wise ways save his flock. This charming story teaches children respect of elders.

#13. Danny & Daisy Dolphin
A Tale of a Dolphin Duo
Helpful humans rescue two young dolphins and take them to a science center for rehabilitation.

#14. Old Reddy Drum
A Tale of Redfish
Old Reddy Drum, a wise and powerful fish, gives life-saving advice to a young Peter Puppy Drum.

#15. Stevie B. Sea Horse
A Tale of a Proud Papa
Fascinating facts about an unusual fish that reverses parental roles - papa sea horse nurtures the eggs!

#16. Ellie & Ollie Eel
A Tale of a Fantastic Voyage
A book containing fascinating facts about eels. Children will delight in reading the story which is based on true events.

#17. Katie K. Whale
A Whale of a Tale
A tale based on the true story of a killer whale that followed a ferry-boat. Children learn to stay away from strangers.

#18. Perky Pelican
A Tale of a Lively Bird
Juvenile pelicans must be lively to survive. Story and facts from research at a pelican rookery.

#19. Oopsie Otter
A Tale of Playful Otters
This warm and lively tale about river otters, an animal that lives in many of America's waterways, is full of interesting facts.

#20. Great Sharky Shark
A Tale of a Big Hunter
Great Sharky Shark and his sister hunt for fish but young Sharky gets more than he bargains for with one meal. When a piece of trash gets stuck around his head, he nearly becomes dinner for a bigger hunter than he.

#21. Izzie Lizzie Alligator
A Tale of a Big Lizard
Interesting family behavior of the American alligator and how pollution affects the species. This book is sponsored by Coastal Wildlife Refuge Society, Manteo, NC.

#22. Oozey Octopus
A Tale of a Clever Critter
Little known facts are revealed in this story about a solitary, intelligent creature that surprises the scientific community.

#23. Jenny Jellyfish
A Tale of Wiggly Jellies
Children are fascinated by jellyfish, but they are not really fish at all. Jellies are a primitive type of animal and have no hearts, brains or bones!

#24. Spiny Sea Star
A Tale of Seeing Stars
All about the star-shaped creatures commonly know as starfish. A better term for them is "sea stars" because they are echinoderms, not fish. Echinoderm means "spiny skin."

#25. Rosie Ray
A Tale of Watery Wings
Many facts about the spotted eagle ray. It is one of the sea's most elegant creatures.

#26. Skippy Scallop
A Tale of Bright Blue Eyes
The interesting story of an animal that survives because of its many blue eyes.

#27. Sandy Seal
A Tale of Sea Dogs
Interesting and factual story about the life of a young harbor seal -- popularly known as a "sea dog."

#28. Johnny Longlegs
A Tale of Big Birds
A beautifully illustrated book about a great blue heron that surprisingly meets a flamingo. Based on a true story.
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#29. Lindie Lobster
A Tale of Big Claws

A colorful book about a surprisingly complex creature. Written with guidance from the Lobster Institute, University of Maine.



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